torpedo val de vie 2020

Torpedo Val de Vie
31 January 2021

Experience #SwimRun

  • Run and swim through the beautiful Val de Vie Estate
  • Individual format (not a team event)
  • No wetsuits needed, the water will be warm
  • Enjoy the new challenge of Torpedo in safe surroundings
  • The longest swim is 400m and the longest run is 3km
  • With a focus on your family and friends enjoyment at the Yard while you are racing. Pool, Reubens and Co Cafe, market, games and sports for all ages at Val de Vie Super Saturday.
  • Minimum entry age is 14 years (see our T&C for details)

31 January 2021

Event Distances

6 (Fun) Runs = 8km
6 (Short) Swims = 2km

Total = 10km

Blue Grade Swim and Run Segements

Segment Name Terrain Description Distance
Run 1 The Gallop Grass, soft sand Polo fields and horse paddocks 2.0km
Swim 1 Lake Simones Fresh Water 200m
Run 2 The Hop Grass Over the dam wall 0.1km
Swim 2 Lake Clement Fresh Water 400m
Run 3 Boulevard Brick paths, grass Urban dash 0.75km
Swim 3 Lake Natural Fresh Water 400m
Run 4 River Run Trail, grass and estate paths Past the nature reserve, along the Berg River 3.0km
Swim 4 Lake Moritz Fresh Water 300m
Run 5 Berm It Trail Wind along the estate MTB trails 2.0km
Swim 5 Lake Julien Fresh Water 400m
Run 6 The Hop 2 Grass Over the dam wall 0.1km
Swim 6 Lake Michel Fresh Water 300m
Run 7 The Finale Grass, soft sand Polo fields 0.75km


Ryk Neethling – Olympic Gold Medalist

3rd Torpedo SwimRun Event
Val de Vie Estate

Torpedo Val de Vie Route

3rd Torpedo SwimRun Event
Route View

 SwimRun Kit

Individual Entry: Blast the course solo, or join up with buddies and take it on together

Compulsory Kit: Footwear (Running Shoes) + Costume / Tri Suit + Whistle
Compulsory Kit (provided by Torpedo) : Torpedo Swim Cap and Vest + Mobi Timing Band

Optional Kit: Swimming Hand paddles + SwimRun Pull Buoy + Goggles

Athlete Proficiency:  Capable of swimming 1km in open freshwater and running 10km.

31 January 2021

Registration | 07H00 – 08H00
Race Start | 08H30
Race Cut-off | 11H30

The start and finish, and entertainment for the family is at the Yard in Val De Vie.

Torpedo Val de Vie Experience

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Torpedo Val de Vie


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